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Quality Health : Your Partner in Managing Changes to Your Health Coverage

If you have an Obamacare plan and experience a life change such as moving, marriage, or a change in income, it is important to report these changes to the Health Insurance Marketplace. These life events can impact your Marketplace coverage, and taking the necessary steps to update your information is crucial. Quality Health, a verified partner of, offers a seamless and straightforward process to make updates to your Marketplace account. Our Consumer Advocate Team is also available to provide assistance whenever you need it.

How to Update Your Obamacare Health Coverage

When making changes to your Obamacare plan, it is essential to update your account information in the Marketplace. While you can do this directly through, the process becomes much simpler when using Quality Health. By logging into your existing Quality Health account or creating a new one, you can easily update your account in the "Report a Life Change" category. Once you have completed this step, you can proceed with the rest of the Marketplace application. If it is within the Open Enrollment Period (OEP), which typically runs from November 1 to January 15 in most states, you can enroll in a new plan with your updated information.
If it is not within the OEP, you can still shop and enroll in a new plan if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). SEPs are triggered by specific Qualifying Life Events such as moving, getting married, or losing your health insurance coverage. If you require any guidance or assistance in logging into your Marketplace account through the Quality Health platform and determining the best Marketplace strategy for you, our dedicated Consumer Advocate Team is just a phone call away.

Renewing Your Health Insurance Plan during Open Enrollment Period

As Open Enrollment approaches, it is crucial to be prepared by gathering your re-enrollment letters. By November 1, 2019, you will receive two important letters – one from your insurance company and another from the Marketplace. These letters contain vital information necessary to make changes to your Obamacare plan for the upcoming year.
Your insurance company's letter will inform you if your current 2019 plan will be available in 2020. If it is no longer available, your insurance company will provide suggestions for similar or alternate plans. They will also outline any changes to the plan's details, including copays, prescription drug coverage, and provider networks. Additionally, the letter will provide information on your monthly premiums for 2020, taking into account any applicable premium tax credits. These credits are typically calculated based on the information you provided when you initially applied for Marketplace coverage. Additional public records may also be considered.
The Marketplace letter will outline the necessary information and documentation required to obtain a premium tax credit. This may include tax or household income information. You will also receive instructions on how to update your existing application to ensure accurate savings and subsidies. It is important to keep both of these letters in a safe place as they will be needed when re-enrolling during the Open Enrollment Period.

Switching Health Insurance Plans during Open Enrollment Period

If you wish to switch to a different Obamacare plan, it is important to know that without making changes in your Marketplace account, you will be automatically enrolled in your current plan. Therefore, logging into your account and updating your information is crucial. Starting from November 1, you can log in to your Quality Health account and proceed with the online application. This allows you to update your income and household information, helping you identify the available plans for 2020 based on your updated details. You will also be able to view the premium amounts for each plan, as well as the eligible subsidies.
The Consumer Advocate Team is always available to assist you in exploring the various plans offered through the Marketplace. They possess the expertise to guide you in choosing an Obamacare plan that suits your needs, providing potential cost savings and optimal plan benefits. By utilizing Quality Health to re-enroll in Obamacare during the Open Enrollment Period, you can benefit from a streamlined and simplified process.
Quality Health is committed to providing you with the support you need as you navigate these changes to your health coverage. With our seamless platform and knowledgeable Consumer Advocate Team, managing your Obamacare plan has never been easier. Stay informed, report life changes promptly, and make the most out of your health insurance coverage. Contact us today to ensure your health coverage aligns with your current circumstances.

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